1.α-15f is a 2 channel bass reverb speaker
2.44mm (voice coil) treble unit size 250*250mm

3.100mm (voice coil) woofer unit size 393.5mm

4.Light weight, sufficient power, high stability, delicate and wide range

5.Clear high pitch, fine and broad range, sonorous middle bass,let you achieve the best effect when singing Karaoke or performing in the concerts

6. The whole speaker box is made of T type high pressure sandwich panel (11 Layers),anti-collision paint on the periphery.

7.Input and output interface: SPEAKON x 2

Frequency Response:40Hz~20KHz
Withstand Power:600W(1000W)
Horn Diffusion Angle:80°x50°
Input Sensitivity:101dB
Input Sensitivity:8Ω
Box Size:71(H)x43(W)x45(D)cm


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