Power Supply

Power Supply

1. Its output power can be turned on and/or off in sequence and can be expanded in parallel.
2. When all power is on, you can use the “one touch on” button on each front panel to quickly turn on or off any of the output power.
3. The front panel is equipped with LED voltage display, showing the total power supply voltage of the grid power.

Number of channels: 8 AC outlets behind

Load per channel:AC 110V~60Hz 20A

Sequential time:

Channel display: LED indicator for each segment

Control mode:
can be turned on/off in sequence, can be locked separately and has BYPASS button. After pressing, all socket power straight-through.

Remote control system: with S terminal function can be used in multiple parallel expansion sockets

Power Requirement:AC 110V~60Hz
Demension:482 x 46 x 250 mm


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