1. The horn tweeter has a long range, a wide frequency range, and good diffusivity.

2. The bass suspension is made of professional W cloth, which is firm and durable.

3. The voice of the vocals is thick and full. Taking care of both karaoke accompaniment music and the speakers of family theater.

4. The enhanced speaker enclosure can be used with peace of mind when inputting at high power.

※ Monomer Size:
10 Inches Bass
50φHeat resistant voice coil
Treble with 25 φ horn
The midrange uses 13φ cone

※ Frequency Response:42Hz~22KHz
※ Withstand Power:150w
※ Input Sensitivity:92dB
※ Input Sensitivity:6Ω
※ Box Size:
320(H) x 500(W) x 215(D) mm
※ Weight:9KG


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